Oh, has it been HOT this week! We’ve spent plenty of time in the creek, playing with mud, and jumping in the sprinkler¬†(affiliate link) to keep cool . . . but the boys needed something new to do. Water blaster games to the rescue!

3 games to play with water blasters

We purchased our water blasters for $2/each from a local dollar store. The boys were so excited to begin!


loading up

GAME 1: Dot Blaster Wars

To play Dot Blaster Wars, simply dot washable tempera paint onto each child. When someone loses their dots, they are “out.” The child remaining with the most dots wins!

blasting off the dots

Game 2: Ping-Pong Ball Float

To play Ping-Pong Ball Float you will need water blasters, one ping-pong ball, a bucket, and a pitcher. In this cooperative game, the children must work together to fill the pitcher to “float” the ping-pong ball out onto the ground.

get the ball out

Game 3: Bun Blasters

Though Bun Blasters sounds like a trendy new workout, this game is a wet, drippy, disgusting mess! To play, string stale hamburger buns in between trees. The player that blasts their bun off the line first is the winner!

bun blaster

This game was their favorite!

blasting the bun

I had a lot of fun keeping the boys busy and cool with these games! Water blasters are definitely a summer must-have!

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Last Modified: December 27, 2014

12 comments on “3 Games to Play with Water Blasters

  1. jackie

    Haha! Of course the most disgusting activity was their favourite. Typical boys! :) Love all of your innovative ideas here!

  2. Emma

    Great ideas! There are only so many times they can squirt at each other before they need something else to do with those water blasters! Will definitely be keeping these in mind.

  3. Coombemill

    It has been so hot this weekend my boys have spent hours with the hose pipe and water guns. I love the buns idea, this would make a great birthday party activity too. Popping over from the Outdoor play party.

  4. Hannah @ Making Boys Men

    I loved this, all super simple ideas that I know my boys will love. The paint dots is definitely my fave. I’m off to pin and you’re featured at tomorrows Outdoor Play Party – Thanks!

  5. Suzanne

    I love these idea. We purchased aqua blasters for our grandkids and they loved them. I love that they actually use some muscle power with these, too! Pinning it to my fun & fitness board.

  6. Susanna

    Thank you! I’m planning a small party for my son with “water play” games and these ideas are a lot of fun and inexpensive.

  7. Holly B.

    What fabulous ideas! They are original, cheap, and entertaining!

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