Winter can be so grey and dreary! Brighten up your home with vibrant Rainbow Suncatchers. This colorful fine-motor craft is perfect for teaching preschoolers colors. 

Easy Rainbow Suncatcher Craft for Kids

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Aren’t they gorgeous? Rainbows make me smile!

Love the colors of this beautiful rainbow craft for kids!

Rainbow Suncatchers



1. Invite your child to string red beads onto a red chenille steam. Continue with every color, using 1 chenille stem/color.

Melted Bead Craft for Kids

2. When the beading is complete, bend all of the chenille stems into an arc. Arrange the chenille stems as a rainbow on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Make sure the chenille stems are as close together as possible and that the beads touch in several locations (you might need to remove beads from some of the chenille stems). Using the wire cutters, trim the tips so that the rainbow has an even edge.

3. Place the cookie sheet into a cold oven and set to bake at 350° for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes at 350º, you will notice that the beads have melted and fused together. Turn the oven off and allow the cookie sheet to cool completely inside of the oven. NOTE: When the beads are melting, they do emit fumes (they are not overpowering fumes). Crack a window and run the oven fan for fresh air.

4. Tie a loop with the fishing line through the top of the arc and hang in a sunny window!

Rainbow Fine Motor Craft for Kids

Bright and cheery, I love to see these Rainbow Suncatchers hanging in my kitchen window!

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15 comments on “Rainbow Suncatcher Craft for Kids

  1. Elizabeth

    Oooo, I LOVE this one!! IF I didn’t have a sick kiddo, at home today, we would be off to the craft store for supplies :)

  2. Debbie @

    Cute idea! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  3. Jackie Higgins

    That is so cool. I had no idea you could fuse beads together like that in the oven. I love the rainbows but it could be fun for other holiday decor as well!

  4. tina tiopan

    This was perfect for my son. We did this for our weather unit.

  5. SARA

    what size beads do you get? it seems my chenille stems would be too big to slip through the hole. thanks! or do you use thinner stems?

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