Do you know who I really appreciate? My youngest son’s preschool teachers. Sending Owen to daycare is difficult for me, but they make it easier. Not only do his eyes light up when he sees them, but so do theirs. I am so grateful Owen has teachers who truly care about him. What a precious gift!

Choosing a Christmas present for teachers like that is nearly impossible. Nothing I looked at in stores seemed to say you have no idea how incredibly thankful I am to have you in our lives. My husband and I decided to give them the gift of the cinema . . . inside a handmade apple ornament complete with a gift card pocket! I really hope they like it!

Handmade Teacher Gift

I created these ornaments with wool felt. Wool felt is very expensive and is not something I can luxuriously afford, so I make it myself. I purchase 100% wool sweaters from thrift shops, wash them in hot water with detergent, then dry them on high in the dryer. Throughout the process, the wool shrinks and felts. When the sweaters are dry, I cut them into rectangles (while removing any buttons, zippers, and lining) so they are ready for crafting! Not only are these Apple Ornaments adorable, but they are completely green, as they are made with love and upcycled wool felt!

Supplies Needed:

  • Wool Felt or Craft Felt
  • Apple Pattern
  • Embroidery floss and a needle
  • Twine
  • Gift Card
  • Pinking sheers and scissors


1. Create 2 apple patterns (2 outers and 1 inner/apple). Trace the apple patterns onto the appropriate colored wool felt. If desired, use pinking shears to create an apple with a bite taken out of it!

2. Sew the inner apple onto the outer apple. Next, sew a set of 4 seeds onto the inner apple as pictured below.

handmade teacher gift 3

3. Tack the twine, stem and leaf to the back of the apple. Sew the pocket onto the back of the second outer piece.

Handmade Teacher Gift 1

4. Sew the two outer pieces together. Slide a gift-card into the pocket and give to a special teacher!

handmade teacher gift 4

When what you want to say cannot be expressed easily, handmade gifts can often do the trick! For more DIY gift ideas, please consider following my Homemade Gifts board on Pinterest.

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