Have you ever peeled apples for a recipe or your child’s snack and felt guilty about wasting the scraps?

No? Then you’re normal! I, on the other hand, was born with quite the guilt complex. When I was little, I used to feel bad for the toys I wasn’t playing with and would quickly run over to them to apologize for leaving them out of the fun (this was probably due, in part, to this 1986 Christmas movie by Jim Henson that led me to believe my toys were alive).

If you are still reading, appreciate my quirk, and are finding yourself nodding your head in agreement, then this recipe for Apple Scrap Jelly is for you! (And the good news is, we might not be the strange ones. It is now trendy and hip to be environmentally conscious and reduce your waste.)

apple scrap jelly 1

To make Apple Scrap Jelly, you will need:

  • Apple peels and cores from about 20 apples
  • 6 cups of water
  • 6 TBSP classic pectin
  • 9 cups of white sugar
  • Cheesecloth


1. Peel the apples. Prepare your canner, lids, and jars.

2. Cook the peels and cores in 6 cups of water until soft (30-45 minutes).

apple scrap jelly

3. Place cheesecloth inside of a strainer. Pour the apple parts and water into the cheesecloth and allow them to drain. Don’t squeeze out the excess liquid or your jelly will be cloudy!

4. Add water to the liquid, as needed, to obtain a total of 7 cups. Put the 7 cups of liquid back into your clean pot. Add classic pectin and bring to a rapid boil.

5. Add sugar, stir, and boil hard for 1 minute. You’ll know it’s ready when the jelly starts to bubble up the pot. Remove the pot from the heat.

6. Ladle the hot jelly into hot, sterilized jars, remove bubbles and check head space (1/4
inch), tighten lids to finger-tip tight, and process for 5 minutes in a water-bath. After 5
minutes, turn off the burner and remove the lid. Allow the hot jelly to rest for 5 minutes in
the water. Remove the jars, allow them to cool, then check that they sealed properly. Label,
store, or giveaway!
apple scrap jelly 3
Apple scrap jelly is beautiful, and tasty too! I didn’t add any food coloring – the cheery pink
tone is from the apple peels. We’ve enjoyed this jelly on peanut butter sandwiches and
toast. Of course, I give plenty away to neighbors, friends, family, and teachers.

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  5. Dawn @ Pin-n-Tell

    This is a PERFECT recipe for when I make applesauce each fall! Thank you so much for sharing, I’m so pinning this! I hope to see you at our next #PinUP Pin Party… we host them every Friday :)

  6. jane

    Thank you for sharing. I have always thought it was a waste to throw all the scraps in the garbage. Making today as I made apple pie filling yesterday.

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