Welcome the fall apple harvest with this simple, beautiful Autumn Leaf Suncatcher craft.

Autumn Leaf Suncatchers — Fireflies and Mud Pies

Materials and Instructions for Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

  • Clear contact paper
  • Autumn leaves
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Buckets

1. Collect colorful falling leaves from outside. Show your child how to catch them in their bucket as they float through the air.

autumn leaf suncatchers 1

2. Cut two symmetrical squares of contact paper. Peel the backing off one of the squares and lay it flat on the table, sticky side up.

3. Place the leaves on the sticky contact paper. We placed brown leaves on the top of the contact paper (to create stems) and put the bright leaves underneath. We used fresh wintergreen leaves for the leaves of our apples.

autumn leaf suncatchers 2

4. Cut the contact paper into the shape of an apple. Colin and Owen had a difficult time cutting through the leaves, so I did this part for them. Reinforce any part that is not sticking with double-sided tape.

5. Tape the apples onto the windows of your home and enjoy the sun streaming in through the leaves.

autumn leaf suncatchers 4

The bright colors lasted for several weeks before the leaves dried out. It felt good to get outside in the crisp air to collect leaves with the boys and I will always remember the expressions on their faces as the leaves fell from the trees into their buckets.

13 comments on “Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

  1. Anita Japp

    Green is my favorite color too – so I Like Colin’s green apple. But I also love how maple leaves can have all the colors on them, so I also like the really colorful ones! Another great idea, from a fantastic Mom. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Megan O'D

    These are super cute…I just “liked” you on FB, so I’m looking forward to not waiting for my friend Elizabeth to post your links on her FB!
    -Megan from ChaosServedDaily.com

  3. Sarah @ How Wee Learn

    Why have I never thought of this!!!! This is such a lovely idea – and a great way to brighten up the house during these shortening days of Fall – thank you for the inspiration! We will definitely be making these

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