It is an absolutely spectacular autumn day here at camp! The sun is bright, the temperature is mild, and the colors surrounding the lake are breathtaking. I couldn’t think of a more perfect activity for the boys today than swimming in leaves.

Swimming in Leaves

To swim in leaves, simply pile raked leaves into your kiddo’s summer pool. I like this activity because:

  1. I didn’t need to re-rake leaf piles after they were pushed around and enjoyed.
  2. It kept the boys occupied for hours!

swimming in leaves 2

Leave it to my boys (pun intended) to come up with this brilliant plan!

swimming in leaves 4

Enjoy your children and this beautiful season!

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7 comments on “Swimming in Leaves

  1. Karen

    Ah, sliding into a tub of leaves is one of our favorite outdoor Autumn activities! :)

  2. happyhooligans

    What a super idea! Look at the joy on those faces!

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