Preschool Dinosaur Dig


Do you have a pint-sized paleontologist in your home? I do! My little one loves to learn about dinosaurs. One of his favorite after-school activities is digging for dinosaurs. Shared below is how you can arrange a Preschool Dinosaur Dig at your kitchen table!

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Marbled Valentine’s Day Playdough


Playdough is an adaptable, open-ended, and inexpensive sensory experience. It’s fun and easy to delight your children by preparing a fresh batch for any occasion or holiday. Shared below is a recipe for Marbled Valentine’s Day Playdough. It’s bright, soft, and only takes 5 minutes to make.

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Vanilla Sugar Scrub


It’s funny, I grew up with brothers, yet I simply do not remember the noise of boys from my childhood. Sometimes, I just can’t get over how LOUD they can be! The vrooming…the crashing…the to the rescues…the choo chooing… the honking! Sometimes, I simply need an escape from the action. In early morning, when my kids are paying more attention to The Wild Kratts than me, I slip away to The Bathroom.

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Rainbow Heart Suncatchers


Our kitchen contains a lovely window that overlooks the backyard. It’s perfect for bird watching, checking weather, and displaying homemade suncatchers. Vibrant Rainbow Heart Suncatchers are easy for kids to create in 3 simple steps. Don’t they glow beautifully in the afternoon sunlight?

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Winter Critter Snowman


At last, we have snow! White, fluffy, cold, beautiful snow. My children are beyond thrilled—it finally feels like winter. Immediately after breakfast, they pulled their winter gear over their jammies and went outdoors to play. Much to our delight, it was absolutely perfect packing snow! My youngest son turned to his brother and smiled mischievously like Princess Ana, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” We all laughed and got to rolling. I rolled the base, my oldest rolled the middle, and my youngest rolled the head. Then, my boys had an even better idea! Inspired by the book Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams, they decided to make it a Winter Critter Snowman.

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