10 Easy Nut-free School Lunches


My family is enjoying healthy snacks as part of a sponsored series with GoGo squeeZ and Socialstars. #GoGosqueeZSquad

Many schools, including our neighborhood elementary school, are nut-free due to the prevalence of life-threatening food allergies. While this may be a modern-day parenting hot topic, the fact is, rules are rules. If a school is nut-free, every family must cooperate. Shared below are 10 easy ideas for nut-free school lunches and snacks, perfect for families on a “peanut butter and jelly” budget!

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10 Tips for Traveling with School Age Kids


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This past summer, my boys and I traveled over 80 hours by car! I can honestly say that most of those hours were stress-free due to some tricks I learned along the way and a Choose Your Attitude mentality. Shared below are my 10 sanity-saving tips for traveling with school age kids.

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Acorn Bells


As the season changes from summer to autumn, the soft thud of falling acorns can be heard throughout our yard. Acorns, the seeds of the magnificent oak tree, are an important food source for birds and animals. They are also one of my favorite natural materials for crafting. Shared below is our latest nature craft, Acorn Bells. Acorn Bells are a sweet addition to gardens, fairy houses, or fall decor—how delightful to have a full bowl on display as the leaves change from green to gold!

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Cardboard Jetpacks


Perhaps a cardboard box’s true purpose, rather than packing and shipping, is to remind parents that kids don’t need much to play happily.

Our most recent Amazon delivery box has lived 3 lives so far: 1) a box 2) a spaceship, complete with intergalactic pizza delivery service 3) a jetpack, perfect for zooming, flying, buzzing, and hyper-speeding through space.

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How to Make Kombucha Tea


Kombucha, an ancient fermented tea drink, has been enjoyed by people for centuries due to its many health benefits. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes, kombucha was known as the “Immortal Health Elixir” when it originated in the Far East 2,000 years ago. Equally delicious, kombucha is a healthy alternative for those who wish to reduce their sugar or soda consumption and improve their gut health. In this post, I share how to make kombucha and discuss its many health benefits.

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Floating Soap Boats


Summer may be winding down, but there is still plenty of time to relax and enjoy the green grass and warm sun. Carving Floating Soap Boats is a simple, engaging, and inexpensive late-summer activity for kids. It’s guaranteed to bring smiles!

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10 Easy Ways To Make Summer Camp Awesome for Your Child


Every summer in America, more than 11 million children attend camp. At summer camp, kids gain independence, responsibility, and interpersonal skills. They are free to be themselves with peers while enjoying new experiences and activities. My husband, a Professional Camp Director with almost 20 years of summer camp experience, recently shared with me that a successful camp experience often depends upon choosing the right-fit camp for your child, then letting camp work it’s magic! I couldn’t help but ask him, “Is that all? Isn’t there more parents can do to help make camp awesome for their kids?”

Shared below is his response.

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STEM Design Challenge: Build Something That Floats


STEM is an acronym referring to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. My oldest son attends a STEM magnet school and really enjoys his weekly Design Challenges. In a STEM Design Challenge, students are presented with a task/problem and are given limited materials to create a solution. Design Challenges invite children to become imaginative, innovative problem-solvers. They also give children the opportunity to collaborate with peers and practice leadership and communication skills.

Both of my boys really connect with this technical, hands-on style of learning, so I want to give them the opportunity to keep designing outside of the classroom. I’m thrilled to partner with Horizon to bring you the premier of our STEM Design Challenge Series! In our first challenge, we build something that floats.

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