S’mores Cookies


This past weekend, I combined two of my favorite things—baking and camping—into an amazing, gooey cookie. S’mores Cookies are the perfect combination of crisp graham cracker, sweet chocolate, and soft marshmallow. My family devoured them!

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Supporting Your Family’s Health, Naturally


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I know many women who are expecting or who have just welcomed a beautiful child into their family! All of these fresh little lives bring back memories of when my boys were quite small, and of how precious, fragile, and sweet they were.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I read everything I could about taking care of babies. Thankfully, I became aware of the hidden dangers lurking within seemingly innocent products like shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion, and plastic toys. I learned that most babies are born with hundreds of toxic chemicals already present within their umbilical cord blood, and that scared the $*%& out of me! Friends and family members teased, but I began buying organic produce, using natural products, returning plastic toys, and replacing ready-made convenience foods with real, homemade ingredients (except for Fruit Roll-Ups and egg rolls…I just couldn’t kick those cravings!). Skin is our body’s largest organ, so I became very mindful of what went on and into my body—and my son’s.

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LEGO Rescue Soap


Oh, these boys of mine! For some reason, they’ve gotten it into their heads that they are no longer required to wash their hands before meals and after using the bathroom. They know *why* they need to wash their hands; it’s just that they are too lazy busy; washing hands takes precious time away from play.

To get my kids back into the healthy habit of hand-washing, I made like President Business and kraggled some of their mini figures with clear glycerin soap. Now they need to be rescued!

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Learning About Essential Oils


When I was quite young, my mother, an avid gardener, showed me how to gently brush my fingers through the leaves of aromatic plants like Lavender, Rosemary, Melissa (Lemon Balm), and Geranium. The secretory cells of many aromatic plants are located near the surface within the flowers and leaves. When the plants are touched, the fragrant essence of the plant is released into the air. These naturally occurring essences help plants attract beneficial pollinators while deterring harmful predators. Some people say that these fragrant essences are the life force—the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune defense—of plants. When an aromatic plant is distilled, the plant’s essence changes into a volatile (easily evaporated) liquid called an essential oil.

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Easy Teacher Appreciation Day Gift


Teachers give families so much of their time, energy, commitment, and care. And though we often feel we could never thank them enough, it’s nice to recognize the teachers who impact our kids’ lives during Teacher Appreciation Week. National Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5, 2015. Shared below is an easy Teacher Appreciation Day gift that kids can make with very little help.

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