Natural Laundry Tips and Tricks


When my first son was born, I decided to “clean up” our laundry routine. I couldn’t believe how many chemicals commercial dryer sheets contained, so naturally, that was the first item I eliminated. For a while, we didn’t use anything in our dryer, but then I learned about wool dryer balls while visiting a natural parenting store. I was immediately smitten with them, but not the expensive price tag! As a knitter, I had an expansive collection of yarn at home. I grabbed some 100% wool yarn out of my basket and made my own. Read on to learn how to make wool dryer balls to soften clothes and speed drying time, naturally. I will also share my favorite natural laundry tips and tricks!

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Cranberry Granola Bars


Baking with my children is my favorite. It’s oh, so messy and creates warm memories—the sort of memories that are childhood! My family received a review copy of The Artful Year, a new book by author Jean Van’t Hul and creator of the blog, The Artful Parent. I passed the book to my youngest and invited him to choose a recipe to try. After some consideration, he flipped back to the page that featured a recipe for Cranberry Granola Bars. We both agreed they looked delicious and easy to make. As he shuffled off to retrieve the step stool, I gathered ingredients from the cupboard.

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Pine Cone Bunnies


A darling bunny family lives under our house. My boys enjoy watching them hop about in the yard, nibbling on greens and birdseed. My youngest has named them (but can he really tell which is which?). In honor of spring, Easter, and our all-season furry tenants, my kids and I crafted Pine Cone Bunnies. Of course we’re partial, but we think they’re too cute!

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Peppermint Mocha


Spring may be just around the corner, but let’s keep it real. Right now in the midwest, it’s a balmy—that’s right, balmy— 10°. I want nothing more than a warm sweater, a blanket, and a hot drink! This afternoon while the boys were playing, I snuggled up on the couch with a book, my slippers, and a homemade Peppermint Mocha. The hot mug felt amazing in my hands, but the steamy drink was even better!

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Is Selling Essential Oils Right for Me?


Three years ago, my husband lost his job just weeks before Christmas. Not long after, we placed our belongings in storage, moved 5 times, and did our best to stay positive throughout his unemployment. If your family has ever experienced spirit-crushing hard times, I don’t need to describe the stress and anxiety that accompany such events. I began having difficulty sleeping. Night after night I tossed, turned, and became increasingly anxious about our future.

With two little ones at home, I desperately needed restorative sleep. Rather than turning to medication, I searched for healthy, holistic solutions and discovered essential oils. I still remember the night I dripped two drops of Lavender essential oil onto my hairbrush before bed. As I brushed my hair, I breathed deep, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best! You know what…I slept soundly the entire night!

Since then, I’ve been passionate about essential oils, and for good reason! Peppermint essential oil soothes my headaches, Thieves essential oil supports my family’s health, and Tea Tree Oil improves the clarity of my skin. I’ve replaced artificially scented candles with oil diffusers that naturally freshen our home. I even clean our bathroom with essential oils!

This past fall, many of my blogging colleagues began supplementing their family’s income by selling essential oils. As I watched their businesses grow and read success story after success story, I began to wonder—is selling essential oils right for me?

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