Best Gifts for Builders


Are you looking for the perfect gift for the little builder in your life? Shared below are 30+ incredible toys for kids who like to build, tinker, and create! From classic block sets to unique building systems, you’re sure to find something that will grow creativity, exercise little hands, and provide hours of fun.

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Cold and Flu Fighting Stovetop Potpourri


Oh my friends, the flu hit us hard this past week! High temperatures, achy-shaky bodies, bone-rattling coughs and green galore. Yuck. Being so-sick-your-world-stops stinks, so I thought I would share a collection of the very best cold and flu fighting DIYs from around the web, as well as my favorite Cold & Flu Fighting Stovetop Potpourri. Hopefully the flu won’t visit your home, but if it does, I want you to be more prepared than I was!

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Gratitude Stones


Many families use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to teach children about gratitude. A sense of gratitude, or feeling thankful and appreciative of the good things in one’s life, is an important social-emotional skill that can increase happiness and improve health. In this post, I share a simple nature craft for kids, Gratitude Stones, that can be used to cultivate an attitude of gratitude from an early age.

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Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder


Have you ever cleaned your family’s toothbrush holder? I mean, really cleaned it? I have, and I couldn’t believe what was inside! In fact, I was so disgusted, I threw it out! Since then, we’ve enjoyed a very simple and sanitary mason jar toothbrush holder in the bathroom. It’s been a smart solution to a disgusting problem—slimey mold and black mildew—that is more than happy to grow within the moist environment offered by traditional toothbrush holders.

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Halloween Memory Game for Kids


Halloween is just around the corner! My boys are excited, as they love the costumes, candy, and spooky decorations. My youngest son recently asked, “Do babies like Halloween?” He was thinking about his cousin who is just a little over 1 and added, “She can’t eat candy and she might get scared.” We decided to send her a book and a homemade Halloween Memory Game to wish her a very Happy Halloween!

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