Snowy Day Tissue Paper Art
How to Make Tissue Paper Art with Snow

Snowy Day Tissue Paper Art is a creative winter process art project for kids of all ages. This colorful art activity is perfect for home or school!

  • Bleeding tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Watercolor paper
  • Snow
  • Tray
  1. Cut the tissue paper into small squares.

  2. Spread the tissue paper squares onto the watercolor paper. If you plan on bringing the tissue paper outside, secure each square with a small dot of water so they don't blow away.

  3. Take the paper outside or bring the snow inside. If it is snowing, allow the snow to gently fall on top of the paper. If it is not actively snowing, sprinkle a small amount of snow on top of the paper.

  4. Bring the snow-covered paper indoors and place the paper on a tray. As the snow melts, the dye from the tissue paper will "bleed" into the watercolor paper, leaving behind a vibrant wash of color!

  5. Allow the tissue paper and watercolor paper to dry completely.

  6. When both papers are dry, gently brush away the tissue paper.

  7. If desired, mount the tissue paper art on a piece of colored paper with double-sided tape.

  8. Your snowy day tissue paper art is complete!