This time of year in northern regions, it is common to awake to a thick layer of fresh, new snow on the ground. One of our favorite winter activities is bundling up to go outside for a treat usually reserved for summer – slushies. Using fresh snow to make slushies during cold winter months is a memory worth creating and one that children will think fondly of for years to follow!

Fresh Snow Slushies 1

Supplies Needed:

  • Fresh, clean snow
  • Fruit juice
  • Small bowls or mason jars
  • Spoons


After a fresh snowfall, head outside! Scoop clean, white snow into bowls and pour fruit juice on top of the snow. Eat and enjoy!

fresh snow slushies

Scooping snow and pouring juice are fantastic fine-motor activities for small children. Fresh snow slushies are a refreshing treat after sledding, shoveling, or a winter nature hike.

Fresh Snow Slushies 2

Hungry for More?

Homemade Maple Candy or Nothing if Not Intentional’s Snow Cream are a lot of fun to make as well! Winter may be cold, but it’s a great time to get outside to play, create, and celebrate!

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