I have always been fascinated by memories. The way that details stick with us or are lost . . . The scents or objects or places that we associate with a particular person or event.¬†Interestingly enough, it’s always the simple things we remember with affection; the scent of mothballs in a dusty attic, the curve of a daisy stem blowing in the June breeze, or chasing fireflies with your children on a humid July evening.


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I can’t guarantee that my oldest son will remember every detail of chasing fireflies for the very first time, but I am certain he will recall the warm breeze, the anticipation he felt as he held his net and waited, and the excitement that ricocheted throughout his entire body (he literally jumped and screamed!) as he witnessed the very first twinkling lights of the night.


Catching fireflies is easy. My son had great success simply waving his net where he saw green light and then we found the fireflies either inside the net or clinging to the outside.

Catching Fireflies

Once captured, we gently transferred the fireflies to a ventilated glass mason jar filled with dewy grass.

waiting to catch fireflies

It was difficult to go back inside for bed after such a memorable evening, but eventually my son settled on the steps of the porch and we simply sat together under the dark sky to watch his new friends silently chat.

fireflies and bug house

Around 10 PM, my sleepy-eyed little boy was ready for bed. We set the fireflies on his nightstand so he could fall asleep to their brilliant glow. He couldn’t help but take one more close look before climbing into bed!

looking at fireflies

Make a beautiful memory this summer, for yourself and your children. Get outside with your family and chase some fireflies!

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7 comments on “Chasing Fireflies

  1. Rachael :: Nothing if Not Intentional

    My two-year-old is newly obsessed with “firebugs.” I was slightly annoyed when my mom bought her a little bug catching net today (we don’t need more STUFF), but then I read this post.Perfect timing!

  2. Mary Catherine

    What a delightful post! I, too, have wonderful memories about fireflies from when I was a kid. My son and I will definitely be adventuring out to catch some this summer. I love your photos!!

  3. Kierna

    Oh wow, fireflies are a thing of mystery to me! How great to make such amazing memories & incorporate your blog title! Thanks for your support of the Outdoor Play Party again.

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