As could be expected, the weather here in Northern Michigan went from perfect to wet and cold in just one day. We needed a new, creative indoor activity and came up with The Squash Shop. It proved to be entertaining, educational, and also was a brilliant color, size and texture recognition activity for Owen.

The Squash Shop

Colin: “Come and buy a squash! They are only one dollar each. If you buy one, you will like it!”

Me: “Do you have any striped squash today?”

Owen: “Here one Mama.”

The Squash Shop 1

Me: “Thank you, Sir. I’d also like to buy one bumpy squash.”

Colin: “I found it. But it’s a shaky squash.”

The Squash Shop 2

Me: “That’s okay. I prefer my squash shaken, not stirred. Hmmm . . . I am having a lot of company for dinner. I should probably purchase another. I would like a yellow and orange squash, please.”

Colin: “Store Worker! Now she wants a yellow and orange one.”

The Squash Shop 3

Me: “Oops. I’d really prefer a BIG yellow and orange squash if one is available.”

Owen: “Dis one Mama?”

Me: “That’s right! Thank you. Now I guess I’ll just pay and be on my way.”

Colin: Wait! You should buy our biggest squash. It’s on sale. If Nana was here, she would buy it because it’s on sale.”

Me: “It’s on sale? May I please see it before I decide?”

The Squash Shop 4

Me: “Wow, that squash is enormous! What is the sale price?”

Colin: “Actually, it is free now. Zero dollars. Like when the farmer gave us our little pumpkins for free. You are our best customer, Mommy.”

Me: “Thank you. I appreciate it and really enjoy shopping at The Squash Shop.”

Colin: “Are you going to blog about it?”

Me (giggling, because my child just used the word blog in a sentence): “I don’t know. Probably.”

Colin: “So other people will see pictures of our squash shop? Tell them we are all sold out and to get their own squash.”

Me: “Okay, Colin. I’ll let them know.”

So, this is me letting you know . . . The Squash Shop is sold out. Get yer own squash!

7 comments on “The Squash Shop: Imaginative Play for Autumn

  1. Sienna

    That’s quite the squash collection! Are you guys going to end up eating them or using them for decorations and playtime?

    1. mudpiesandfireflies

      Most of them are for eating and baking with (the pumpkins, acorns, zucchinis, and butternuts). The other ones (like the gourds) the boys and I picked up in various places for .25/piece to play with and keep out in a bowl for decoration. Most of them have pretty hard shells, so I don’t mind them playing with them all. I did mind the pumpkin throwing incident earlier today though (Owen was angry and threw a pumpkin at Colin. It hit him in the nose! Oh, the tears!).

      1. mudpiesandfireflies

        (Our farmer’s market ended last week, so I felt the need to hoard squash . . . I will move it to the unheated basement and it will keep until I need it).

    1. mudpiesandfireflies

      Hi Deb! It was fun (and only 1 squash was damaged in the process – a pumpkin, and I cooked it that night!). Thanks! Melissa

  2. Ann

    Aw, I love this, Melissa. We get up to similar shop play pretty regularly too. Love the dialogue you included. :)

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